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    • Galaxy Series RDC Micro Data Center (Sheet Metal Door)
      Edge data centers have the characteristics of low latency, high bandwidth, localization, and real-time computing. In order to meet customers' growing edge data center business needs, and to meet the needs of rapid deployment and flexible expansion, Skyrim launched the Galaxy RDC miniature data centers. Highlight the customer value of rapid deployment, safety, reliability, energy efficiency, and intelligent operation and maintenance of micro data centers. Galaxy RDC miniature data centers are mainly composed of cabinet subsystems, power supply and distribution subsystems, refrigeration subsystems, centralized management subsystems, and gas fire extinguishing subsystems. The integrated design integrates traditional and complex computer room systems into standard 42U server cabinets. To form an intelligent micro data center.

    Rapid deployment:

    Integrated design, integrated IT cabinet, air conditioner, UPS, battery pack, centralized monitoring, power distribution, fire protection, access control, video

    Factory prefabricated installation and commissioning

    Plug and play on site, installation only takes 0.5 ~ 1 day


    Reduce machine room footprint, simple and beautiful

    Reduce initial investment costs

    Cold and hot aisle isolation, green and energy saving

    Intelligent management:

    10.1-inch color display, real-time monitoring of the status of each device

    Support network management and realize unattended

    Support third-party operation and maintenance platform or operation and maintenance cloud platform

    Safe and reliable:

    High-reliability power system, with redundant modules configured according to business levels, to ensure the stable operation of IT equipment

    Perfect monitoring system, support audible and visual alarm, SMS alarm

    The temperature inside the cabinet is too high, the front and rear doors open automatically

    Support IC card swipe

    Gas fire extinguishing system (optional)



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