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    • Galaxy Series MDC Modular Data Center (Single Row Closed Cold Aisle)
      The Skyrim Series Galaxy Modular Data Center is called Modular Data Center, or MDC for short. A standard modular data center consists of one or several micro-module systems.
        The modular data center integrates several cabinets as basic units. It is an independent data center operation unit that integrates cabinets, power distribution, refrigeration, security and fire protection, wiring, and monitoring subsystems. It is prefabricated in the factory and can be disassembled flexibly and quickly. Assembly for fast and flexible deployment in the field.

    Modular design, green and energy saving

    The MDC micro-module data center consists of several IT cabinets, precision power distribution units, cooling units and other functional cabinets as basic units, and independent operation units including network, wiring, monitoring, and fire protection functions. All components in the module can be prefabricated in the factory, which can be flexibly disassembled and transported, and quickly put into use after being assembled on site. You can configure different numbers of cabinets for different sizes of computer rooms. Adopt modular design, close the hot and cold aisles, isolate the hot and cold air flow, improve the cooling efficiency of the system, achieve PUE value below 1.5, greatly improve the energy utilization rate, and realize green and energy saving;

    Standardized design to reduce implementation difficulty

     The external dimensions between different functional cabinet units (power distribution, air conditioning, etc.) in the micro-modules are standardized designs, similar to the cabinet structure, and convenient for fast docking installation on site. At the same time, the field design link is reduced, and the implementation difficulty is reduced.

    Flexible design, rapid construction and expansion

    The installation of traditional data center equipment takes 3-6 months. The modular data center is prefabricated in the factory and can be flexibly disassembled and quickly assembled. It can realize the fast and flexible deployment of the data center on site. It only requires ordering, transportation, assembly and operation. 8 weeks.

    Economical design, saving total investment cost

    Compared with the traditional computer room, it saves space, effectively increases the capacity of the computer room, and does not need to install a raised floor, reducing the investment in the computer room; "turnkey" projects, reducing operating costs. The modular data center adopts the All-in-room design, which can be deployed on demand. It can be customized according to the actual situation of the user. The modular design is convenient for capacity expansion, low energy consumption, easy to manage and maintain, avoid unnecessary capital investment, and greatly reduce Total investment cost.

    Intelligent design, easy to manage and maintain

    Centralized monitoring and management platform, comprehensive detection of the overall status of the computer room, improve predictability, and timely identify potential problems. Intelligent monitoring and management system, rich display interface, visual management, improve IDC's energy management capability and process efficiency, and realize intelligent management and maintenance.



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