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    10 ~ 200KVA tower UPS

     ● product introduction:

        Tht33 series UPS power supply is a high-end power supply product integrating the advanced technology of power electronics

        Innovative design makes this series of products have unparalleled reliability and performance

        High input power factor and low input current distortion rate ensure the green and environmental protection of the product

        The high efficiency of the whole machine ensures the energy saving of the product. This series of products can run 6 machines in parallel

    ● power range: 10 ~ 200KVA

     ● working mode: three in and three out, double transformation online working

     ● performance characteristics:

        (1) three in three out pure online double conversion product, supporting 380 / 400 / 415V, 50 / 60Hz power grid system, providing the best power supply           quality and load protection

        (2) the input power factor is as high as 0.99, the input harmonic current is less than 3%, the whole machine efficiency is as high as 95%, environmental                 protection, high efficiency and energy saving

        (3) rich options: dust screen, SNMP network communication card, lightning protection module, current temperature compensator, SMS alarm

        (4) DSP full digital control realizes all digital control of power conversion links of rectification, inversion, charging and discharge

        (5) ultra wide input voltage and frequency range, adapt to harsh grid environment, and adapt to the access of various fuel generators

        (6) intelligent system self diagnosis scheme, rich fault records, large capacity historical record storage space

        (7) friendly human-computer interface, large screen LCD and control keyboard, abundant information

        (8) all fans in the system adopt redundant design, which greatly improves the reliability of the system

        (9) super load adaptability, super overload and short circuit capacity

        (10) intelligent battery management scheme to extend battery service life

        (11) digital circulation control technology with high reliability

        (12) the panel is equipped with EPO emergency shutdown button

        (13) three proofing process is adopted for all circuits

        (14) adopt class modular design. When the power unit fails, pull out the failed unit and continue to use with derating




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