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    Remote intelligent auxiliary control room monitoring solution

    DATE: 2019-12-12

    When doing a weak motor room project, when encountering the monitoring part, it is not clear which equipment is used, and how much is one set? Many friends who do information system integration will encounter this kind of situation. As a multi-year dynamic ring monitoring manufacturer, Shenzhen Kunpeng can provide you with a quote and related solutions for the computer room dynamic ring monitoring system. On November 5th, Mr. He, a customer from Zhengzhou, contacted our online customer service and informed us that there is a project for a weak motor room. At this stage, it is the cost budget link. We hope that we will give a quotation and a plan with reference to the engineering drawings. We also often encounter many system integrators like Mr. He who have not touched the moving ring. After docking with the customer, Director Luo of the marketing department understood the project status and sent a quote and a professional version of the computer room moving ring monitoring system to the customer.

    The computer room moving ring monitoring system provides professional solutions for the management and maintenance of the company's computer room. According to the research and development of embedded technology, TCP / IP is selected, and the power equipment, natural environment, and fire safety of multiple computer rooms are selected at a lower cost. , Access control system, video, etc. to achieve unified monitoring and management. The key monitoring objects include city power, power distribution equipment, UPS, batteries, temperature and humidity, precision air conditioning, ordinary air conditioning, water seepage, fresh air system, smoke detectors, fire safety, lightning protection, Infrared, access control system, video, network server, wireless router, network switch, etc.

    We can select monitoring and control modules according to customer requirements, and then equip them with corresponding software and hardware products. The quotation details of the computer room moving ring monitoring system include detailed descriptions of hardware equipment and software functions, quantities, and prices involved in each subsystem, which are one-time charges, including postage and tax.



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