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    74 group military hospital

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    Recently, tianjiming successfully joined hands with the military hospital of the 74 group to make another success in the field of medical data center

    The 74th Army Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army (formerly 421 hospital) is a comprehensive class III class a hospital, located at No. 468, Xingang Middle Road, Guangzhou, with a long history of more than 110 years


    The 74 group military hospital is the first batch of designated medical institutions for medical insurance in Guangzhou, and is a provincial, municipal and district public medical linked hospital. We have signed agreements with Foshan, Zhuhai, Shantou, Chaozhou, Qingyuan, Huizhou, Nanchang and other cities to settle medical expenses online

    Facing the huge flow of medical people, the hospital must maintain the stable operation of PACS, hospital information system, electronic medical record, medical expense online settlement and other information services, and provide support for medical work with accurate and effective data information

    In order to meet the needs of the 74 group military hospital, tianjiming has customized tianjiming Galaxy series micro data center solutions for the 74 group military hospital, and built a high availability medical industry dedicated computer room for the 74 group military hospital

    1578882473923070.jpg      1578882297107278.jpg

    The scheme integrates air conditioning, UPS, battery pack, centralized monitoring, power distribution and other subsystems, with many advantages such as cost reduction, green energy saving, intelligent management, modularization, etc., completely changing the state of traditional small and medium-sized micro machine rooms, realizing rapid deployment, flexible expansion and upgrading, high management efficiency, and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the data system




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