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    To build an information campus - Huizhou University

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    Huizhou University is located in Huizhou, a national civilized city, a famous historical and cultural city, an important city in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district. It is a full-time public undergraduate university, a pilot University for general undergraduate transformation, a provincial and municipal co built undergraduate university and a provincial master's degree awarding project construction unit, the second batch of provincial innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases, and a provincial university to establish a national teacher education innovation experimental area project 。 The school covers an area of nearly 2500 Mu and enrolls students from 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), with 16798 full-time students.

    In order to provide teachers and students with a better and faster Internet information life, so that the network center managers can manage the information assets of the operation and maintenance school more efficiently, and realize the unified management and application of campus businesses. Through the in-depth study of schools in the past few days, combined with the idea of "Internet +", the skyline has customized a modular data center solution for the development of education informatization for Huizhou University.


    The scheme includes: cloud monitoring management platform + micro data center intelligent computer room infrastructure, lower capital investment, more professional computer room environmental protection; cloud management platform, to realize the unified monitoring management of multi-point computer room, with voice, sound and light, network and other alarm modes, effectively ensuring the stable operation of computer room equipment.



    Tianjiming is an integrated micro data center built for Huizhou University, which has a complete integrated system of power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, fire control and monitoring products; supports network management and realizes unattended; monitors pue value in real time; has many advantages such as cost reduction, green energy saving, intelligent management and modularization; realizes the internationalization of campus management and integration of application systems, Intelligent service for teachers and students; fully promote the high-quality development of Huizhou University and build a high-level application college!



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