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    Tianjiming and Guangzhou BRT to build an integrated microdata Center

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    In response to the needs of Guangzhou transportation information construction investment and Operation Co., Ltd., tianjiming carried out the transformation of information operation environment conditions at brt20 platform stations on Zhongshan Avenue, designed and built the integrated micro data center computer room to provide a stable and reliable working environment for the computer system.

    Guangzhou BRT test line is located in Zhongshan Avenue, with a total length of 22.9 km, starting and ending from sports center to Xiayuan, with 26 pairs of central side platforms. Guangzhou BRT ranks first in terms of one-way passenger volume, utilization rate of special lane in the corridor and average passenger capacity of vehicles. The one-way passenger flow reaches 26900 person times / hour, utilization rate of special lane reaches 82.9%, and average passenger capacity of vehicles is 87.9%. The implementation of Guangzhou BRT system is of great significance to improve traffic conditions and facilitate the travel of citizens.


    At present, due to the long running time of BRT system and the high aging degree of infrastructure, it can not provide a reliable and available operating environment for it equipment. Due to the narrow operation environment, messy wiring, unclear cable identification, lack of original data and other reasons, there is a great potential safety hazard for the safety and reliability of the system. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the information equipment in the BRT platform to meet the national and industrial standards.

    After a series of selection and comparison, Guangzhou transportation information construction investment and Operation Co., Ltd. finally decided to work with tianjiming to adopt tianjiming's complete RDC solution to provide a stable operation environment for it equipment, reduce troubleshooting time, and ensure the efficient operation of computer network system, information system and business system.

    1578899712739032.jpg          1578899735130662.jpg

    Guangzhou BRT adopts tianjiming micro data center solution, integrating a complete system of power supply distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, fire protection and monitoring products, realizing rapid deployment and intelligent management. Tianjiming's cabinet type micro data center has a unified, harmonious and high-end appearance; it is totally closed system, with noise level meeting the use of office environment and dust-proof level up to ip5x; it is flexible to use, move, expand and configure.

    Through tianjiming's transformation solution, Guangzhou BRT can effectively guarantee the normal and efficient operation of the computer network system, information system and business system of each platform station, so as to continue to provide more convenient and efficient travel conditions for the general public.



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