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    Tianjiming helps Shenzhen Geological Bureau to build 5g + Intelligent geology

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    As the forefront of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen's changes always attract the hearts of every Chinese people. Since the establishment of the special economic zone and the rapid development of the economy, great changes have taken place in Shenzhen since the reform and opening up

    Shenzhen Geological Bureau has been engaged in the mineral geology, environmental geology and hydrogeology of Shenzhen, and has made positive contributions to the construction and economic development of the special zone!

    Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of geology was established in October 1981 with the approval of the former Ministry of Geology and Shenzhen Municipal Revolutionary Committee. It is a quasi Department (bureau) level unit. In the past 30 years, its affiliated units have been participating in geological exploration, environmental geology, hydrogeology, urban geology, agricultural geology, geological disaster prevention and control and other work tasks. It has submitted geological exploration, scientific research results and relevant information to the national and provincial land and resources departments Geological data shall be kept confidential; public service shall be provided to the society; with the deep integration and application of 5g and other new generation information technologies, Shenzhen Geological Bureau has been exploring innovative applications in the field of Geology Based on 5g technology, realizing the development of cloud technology platform, the research of sensing intelligence, the improvement and development of sensor equipment, and building the next generation platform of expert and AI intelligence


    In the future, 5g technology will continue to increase the dependence of users on the network. Once the network equipment is disconnected, it will not be able to operate, which requires our data center computer room to be more secure, stable and efficient

    The daily generation, processing, exchange and transmission of massive data put forward higher requirements and challenges to the data center computer room. This requires that the data center room in the new era must have the capabilities of rapid deployment, flexible expansion, efficient operation and maintenance, and effective application of big data

    Shenzhen Geological Bureau has finally adopted the Tianji Minghe Galaxy cabinet type micro data center solution after many layers of consideration to build an efficient and reliable data center for Shenzhen Geological Bureau. The solution has a complete integrated system of power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, fire protection and monitoring products; modular design of each component, on-demand configuration and capacity expansion; intelligent cloud management, fast Department Department; green energy saving, pue value below 1.5; fully closed system, noise level can meet the use of office environment < 45dB, dust level can reach ip5x; full life cycle service, realize real peace of mind




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