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    Choose tianjiming, enter the information age - Heyuan people's Bank

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    The people's Bank of China is the bank with the highest degree of globalization and integration in China. It has set up institutions in the mainland of China and 57 countries and regions, has a relatively complete global service network, and has formed corporate finance, personal finance, financial markets and other commercial banks as the main body, including investment banks. Direct investment, securities, insurance, fund, aircraft leasing and other fields of comprehensive service platform to provide customers with comprehensive financial services.

    In the face of growing data, the traditional data center has obviously been unable to meet the development needs of the bank, with scattered equipment, low integration, large floor space, high operating cost, business operation stability can not be guaranteed, data center fault response speed is slow, and operation and maintenance efficiency is low.

    In order to meet the needs of the future information development, it is the inevitable choice of the people's Bank of China to transform the data center of the computer room.


    According to the actual needs of Heyuan people's Bank of China, tianjiming provides a modular data center solution (MDC) for its supporting facilities. With closed cold / hot channel, high-efficiency modular ups and inter-bank precision air conditioning, the bank can be monitored centrally to improve the reliability of the banking system; with high-efficiency and energy saving, through integrated module management, the operation status of each subsystem can be ensured to operate normally; and Us management platform, 7 * 24 hours unattended transportation, mobile operation and maintenance, simple and easy.


    Through tianjiming's modular data center transformation, the people's Bank of Heyuan has established a unified standard operation specification, reduced the operation and maintenance pressure and cost of the data center in the computer room, improved the corresponding speed and operation and maintenance efficiency of the data center failure, accelerated the transformation of the people's Bank to the information bank, and provided strong support for its future development. It has realized the strategic connotation of the people's Bank of China "adhering to the guidance of science and technology, adhering to the transformation and strengthening"



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