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    Building smart bank to ensure bank information security Hainan Haikou Huaxia Bank

    DATE: 2020-01-15

    On August 28, 2018, Huaxia Bank "flower" landed in Haikou, Hainan.

    Huaxia Bank was founded in Beijing in 1992, which is a financial banner in China's reform and opening up. In September 2003, Huaxia Bank issued shares for the first time and listed for trading, becoming the fifth listed bank in China.

    Haikou haixiu sub branch, as the first comprehensive small sub branch of Haikou Branch of Huaxia Bank, enters the beautiful Coconut City with the core value concept of "integrity, standardization, efficiency and progress".


    In modern society, the intensive applications of mobile banking, Internet banking, WeChat, Alipay and other platforms have received considerable popularity and recognition from customers, while the social APP transfers have been increasing year by year.

    Every day, the bank will generate, process and store a large amount of data information, power failure or downtime will have a huge adverse impact.

    On the choice of data center scheme of Haikou haixiu sub branch, Huaxia Bank, after strict investigation, adopted the galaxy cabinet micro data center solution produced by tianjiming to build a data center with high reliability and capacity expansion.

    Tianjiming provides a micro module data center solution with a complete integrated system of power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinet, fire control and monitoring for the needs of the bank.

    In terms of capacity expansion design, tianjiming fully considers the trend of rapid growth of bank data center in the future. The whole scheme adopts the integrated architecture of modular design, which can easily layout and plan with the growth of business, and continuously expand capacity. In the future, the data center of the bank can be built in stages according to the needs, gradually increasing from one micro module to dozens of micro modules.

    At the same time, tianjiming micro data center supports network management to monitor the dynamic pue of the whole data center of the bank. Through remote real-time monitoring and analysis, we can understand the energy consumption of the equipment in the computer room, and help the bank effectively save the operation cost of the data center.



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